Learn Welsh at USW

There are two official languages in Wales – Welsh and English. You can see and hear both across the country, from information signs to students undertaking their courses through the medium of Welsh at the University.

Eisiau dysgu Cymraeg? Want to learn Welsh? 

  • Are you thinking of your future employment opportunities? Learning Welsh could help you enhance your CV.
  • Did you pick up a few terms at school? Would you love to refresh your knowledge?
  • Do your children go to Welsh medium schools? Would you like to share the experience with them?
  • You’d like to get involved but don’t know where to start?

If you are thinking of learning Welsh, we can put you on the right track!

The University provides opportunities for students to learn Welsh. Welsh learners can take advantage of the expertise of tutors and lecturers at the University of South Wales, have a high quality learning experience, enjoy learning and make friends along the way. 

To find out how you can join a course for Welsh learners, or go along to fun and social events in the area visit Learn Welsh Glamorgan. The Centre and has a wide range of high quality courses for all possible levels – from beginners to fluent speakers who want to improve their skills.

Need help with your Welsh?

The software Cysgliad includes two programmes: Cysill and Cysgeir. These are aimed at helping users with their grammar, spelling and Welsh medium skills and is available to staff and students who would like to practise and develop their Welsh language skills.

The software packages Cysill and Cysgeir have been installed on PCs in IT labs on all campuses and are available for individual members of staff on their office PCs.