Need some help with your Welsh?

The University has made the Cysgliad software available to members of staff and students who need help or want to develop and practise their Welsh.

Cysgliad provides two packages that aim to help with grammar, writing and Welsh language skills.

The Cysill and Cysgeir software packages have been installed on the computers in the IT labs on all campuses and are also available to individual members of staff on computers in their offices.

Standard glossaries are also available on the following websites:

Geiriadur yr Academi is an English-Welsh online dictionary.

Byd Term Cymru: These are the terms that the Welsh Government Translation Service translators use in their work

Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru is a Welsh-English dictionary.

Geiriadur PDDS: Welsh-English/English-Welsh dictionary.

Geiriadur Bangor: Welsh-English dictionary.

Gweiadur: Welsh-English/English-Welsh dictionary and thesaurus. You'll need to set up your own account.

Documents can also be checked via Cysill online:


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